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Websites are our Addiction

In today's commercial climate, can you imagine surviving, much less furthering your business without a website? Probably not. With the entire world turning to the Internet as its primary source of information, the penalties of not having a well-designed website to represent your company can be severe indeed.

'Why take that chance?' say the design gurus at Addictive Media. And, not just because we have a vested interest in the matter! Having studied the dynamics of the industry, we understand that if you don't have a good GREAT website, you might as well shut shop and say bye-bye to your commercial aspirations.

At Addictive Media, we are into designing premium websites. Yes, we know almost every hole-in the-wall web design company declares that, but we aren't happy with just saying things. We are a team of awesome designers. Websites are our addiction. And unless we create one that makes your competition sulk, our collective souls will find no peace. We mean that in the most serious way possible.

Addictive Media prides itself on NOT having a conventional approach towards website designing. We believe all our clientsare different;they have unique requirements from their website; and they all deserve fabulous results.That's why we've taken the overused 'one-size-fits-all' philosophy, crumpled it viciously, and chucked it into the trashcan. You may be shocked now, but you'll thank us for it later.

A website designed by Addictive Media is bound to stand out from the rest. Since we are a creative agency, all four Ds - Discovering, Designing, Developing and Delivering - are given equal attention. By combining an attractive look with functionality, we give you a website that you 'need' rather than a website you 'want'. Throw in a simple interface, easy navigation, and great features and out comes a websiteyou will be proud to call your own. So would your competitor, but too bad hasn't got in touch with us . yet!

You would want to beat him to it, wouldn't you? Because in this age of cutthroat competition, being second is absolutely no consolation!

We offer 360 degree web solutions. Here's a look at the services we offer:

  • Website Development
    We are a team of professional web designers and developers who have decades' worth experience. We provide you with custom website designing, with content planning and drafting. We also offer flash animations, multimedia flash websites, web portals design, banner designing, shopping cart designing, websites designed with MYSQL, ASP and PHP, HTML coding and Java scripting, product photography etc.
  • Search engine Marketing
    Search engine marketing two broad subheads: Search Engine Optimization (SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC). In simple terms, the basic work of search engine marketing is to increase traffic into the website. An increased traffic leads to more visitors which ultimately leads to more business.
  • E - Commerce Services
    We at Addictive Media use a combination of the programming language php and MySQL to design our clients' ecommerce web design solutions. Third party payment gateways such as HSBC, Epdq, Barclays, Secure Trading, Paysystems, PSBill, CCBill, Nochex, Worldplay, Paypal etc can be easily integrated with our shopping cart software.
  • Brand Building
    Brand building comprises of 3 major categories, namely: Logo Design, Style Guide and Marketing Materials. Brand building lets you manage your existing customers better while adding new ones.
  • Presentations
    We offer the complete range of services, including Business Portfolios, Sales Presentations, Brochures, Manuals, Catalogues, Games and Entertainment, Tutorials Manuals, Marketing Manuals. Annual Reports, Technical data etc.

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