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6 Beginner’s Tips to Create An Astonishing Poster

January 13, 2015 Art That's Smart

If you have a creative soul, have you ever considered giving a visual garb to your thoughts? Ever thought of putting your thoughts, words or ideas into a poster?

If you notice the trend some smart ventures are banking on, you will see that Posters have caught up with the market. Feel something, want anything, wish to share something with the world? GO GET A POSTER!

Remember, great design is a decent business. A poster only ought to show the message you have to convey. Apart from giving voice to your thoughts and ideas, a poster helps big time for a business too. Of course, it’s such a strong way to advertise your venture.

If you are new into designing and want to know HOW TO DESIGN A POSTER, then you have come to the right place. Creating a poster is not a rocket science, but designing an effective poster, which can grab the attention of readers is something big. Design is not just some buttons in your photoshop, but it’s something you want to express. For designers, it is an INSPIRATION to flaunt their imagination on a blank space. Great poster is something which is easily readable, legible, well-organized and succinct.

Anyhow, in case you are a beginner in this field, I am certain you are wondering from where to begin and on what things you should lay your focus.

Here it is:


1. It must grab attention

An extraordinary poster delivers your message IN A SPLIT SECOND. Before designing a poster, one ought to have a decent thought regarding it, so it will be simpler for you to concentrate on what you really need. It shouldn’t make a viewer think too hard, and the message should go out loud and clear, without any scope of misinterpretation. Snatching the attention of readers is of paramount importance. To with that, we don’t mean you have to use flashy graphics.


2. Set-up is important

Posters are a visual medium to demonstrate your message. Setting up the look of your poster is a critical thing. Attempt to adjust the content and graphics arrangement, so that your poster looks all the more outwardly appealing.

MORE WHITE SPACE around it builds the lucidness of your poster. Make sure that your graphics look more professional with almost every detailing. The size and the amount of information that you have to mention in a poster is essential too.

Since the design is the king in a poster, keep your text short and sweet. Keep at least an inch margin around the poster edges. Powerpoint, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. help make great posters.


3. Be compassionate about viewers’ eyes

The color and font are very vital things in a poster. A poster must be designed in a way that reader can view it easily without straining their eyes. Do not use the fonts that are too artistic or have too many extensions. They are usually illegible. Use a sans-serif font for headlines. And don’t mish-mash different fonts in a single poster.

If your poster has a background, try to keep the contrast BALANCED. You can use a light background and dark text, to make your poster more attractive and readable. All in all, design a poster keeping readability in mind.


4. Be consistent in details

First of all, note all the points and details that you want to display in your poster. And after that, start in an INVERTED PYRAMID FASHION. Keep the highest priority statistics on the top and more highlighted. Get lighter at spilling information as you reach the bottom of the poster.

Put the points of interest and the goal in a way that reader can read all the data in a stream. You can also use keywords and phrases to make it more fun to read. Using too many technical terms can be quite distracting for a layman.


5. Balance text and images

Try to strike a balance between the text and visuals you are using. Don’t use huge text or information, as it may exhaust your viewers. Choose images or graphics in a way that compliments your text. Don’t use too many visuals in the poster. And ensure that you use clear and good quality images.

If you are using diagrams and charts, you can create that easily by using softwares like Corel Presentations, Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. You can display your information in bullet points to make it more understandable.


6. Proofread it

So now you have a poster that’s intriguing. At the same time, verify that all the SPELLINGS are CORRECT. An unflattering color scheme can yet go unnoticed because not all have a design sense. But a wrong spelling somehow never slips by. There is nothing more annoying for an onlooker than a misspelt word.

Proofread your text thoroughly before getting it printed. Examine it from a viewer’s perspective and you’ll know whether it is worth or not.


Well, these were a few tips that will help you in making an astonishing poster. But to become a good designer, you have to think out of the box,  break the rules,  get out of your limits. Imagination has no end, continue attempting new things. Never get afraid of feedbacks, let them polish you. And you will know how excellent posters are made.

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