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Addictive Media, Our Breakfast Ritual

January 13, 2015 We the Addictives

If you are a Delhiite, we assume you already know how much we adore food. Our day begins with high hopes of breakfast, and nights end with the next day’s breakfast already chalked out in mind.

No matter where we are, or in what circumstances, we seek our company, timepass and relief in food. Because, hey, we are Foodies, and that’s reason enough!

In Addictive Media, we are a self-proclaimed hardcore Foodie-at-heart team. We dress up for a date each morning, but land up in office to work our asses off, the Boss loves us to the limit of spoiling, there’s never a NO for beer at weekends, and we eat with some extra makkhan, extra masala, extra chutney, and extra what-nots… even before we have taken a bite of our food. Sounds very Delhi, no?

An average day at Addictive Media begins at 9 AM, although much to our HR’s displeasure, we arrive by 9:30 AM. If she had her way, she’d mark the official time at 8 and call us in by 8:30 AM. Thank God insanity hasn’t hit her yet!

By 9:30 AM, our office begins looking like a fashion carnival, from the typical street-smart fashion, to high-end labels doing rounds together. Hoodies, denims, caps, ballerina flats, sports shoes, sunglasses and spectacles… Our style statements may differ, but the love for food (or ‘sudden unexplained craving’, as we term it) is a constant. So before we know it, we are up for a party!

Any guesses about the menu? Fat-free veg. sandwiches, with whole wheat bread, lesser mayonnaise? Or tossed salads with more olives, and lesser tomatoes and pepper? Well, none of these actually. We choose samosa and kachoris over them. Because we bond over food. And sandwiches and salads can go rest. Samosa and bread pakoras our staple favourites, though kachori and omelets are happy shifts from the usual too.


There are quiet orders being hushed away on the Skype group called Food Food, and some loud ones being passed on to one person, who orders each day. Not that he is too happy making this call everyday, but this is like an unsaid mutual agreement. We believe the food joint owners also identify her voice (or our timing), why else would they disconnect without asking our office address!


That’s the thing with having your set-up in GK, you’re never short of eateries and food options around you. We have two favourite joints close to our unit. And if we steal 10 minutes for a casual walk outside, we can fetch the food ourselves too. Plus there’s plenty ‘hot’ material for NSP around our office. Nain Sukh Prapti, yaar! The visual pleasures et al.

For the next 15-20 minutes, we exchange the pleasantries. The first real socialising of our day happens in these 15 minutes, and there’s food at the back of it all. We aren’t saying that we are typically Bhukkhads, but it’s a restless, restless phase. It feels like a party is going to break out any moment, and the happy guests are chirping the time away.

It feels like a party is going to break out any moment, and the happy guests are chirping the time away.

Our office attendants, are too busy in this span. One spends an eternity making chai while blaming the induction stove’s incompetent heat for the delay. We haggle with him for sugar, he says he will happily pour it all in one go, but it still tastes bland. That affects the budget, we guess. The other keeps answering our constant nagging about the office being too hot, or too cold. Something about the office isn’t right till the food arrives.

And, when the doorbell rings, we let office boys take over. Both quickly shell out our respective orders with the adeptness of a mom, and the dishes reach our workstations quicker than we could have managed on our own selves. Tea and coffee begin flowing in too, and the combined aroma invades the senses.


The laughter and casual chitchats begin, and you can sense Life beginning to dissolve in Work. And just like that, it’s a party!

For us, this breakfast bit is not a routine, but a ritual. We do it with the devotion that befits a custom. It’s a tradition that our team follows, our new joinees love, and our Boss takes pride in. After all, what better way to get us to work, than by stuffing us!






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