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Art at Your Fingertips, with Adobe

January 12, 2015 Hot and Happening

Art envelopes us.

There is never an inch in our space, or a minute in our days when art isn’t around us in one form or another.

You may be a young intern in an ad house, a homemaker mother of two, or a retired man with an undying love for travelling, there’s always a way art finds to touch us.

But now is the time when WE can touch art. Yes, really, TOUCH art.

Adobe has crafted for us a sneak peek into the future, of the immense possibilities that Adobe creative applications can show some time down the line.

Remodeling your designs and templates, modifying your motion pictures, fixing the textures etc. will be matters of seconds now. Now your device will be your palette. You can mix your colours, and just splatter onto the canvas with a jerk, which happens to be another device.
Can’t believe us yet? Here, take a look. (And don’t blink, you might miss something.)

If Adobe really gets it going and launches this magic-like application in the coming times, there is no denying that its own Photoshop will have a run for money. We can’t say about you, but if you ask us, we are eagerly waiting for the launch already.

Sorry, right now this experience is not available at this screen resolution.