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Bizarre or Smart? 5 Gadgets that’ll Blow Your Mind

January 14, 2015 Brand Tales

Over the past few years, we have seen all sorts of products coming in the market. Some got a thumbs up and some got a downright thumbs down.

However, that hasn’t deterred product designers and inventors from innovating more.

In fact, many of them have set their hands on creating smarter tools and products aimed at making our lives really easy. In 2014, we saw some unbelievable inventions like JIBO, Amazon Echo, Vessyl, and more.

Here is a roundup of some cool yet strange inventions we saw in 2014. We leave it to you to decide, if these inventions are bizarre or smart:


1. Amazon’s Echo


Meet Amazon’s Echo, one of the most powerful smart speakers ever created. This uber cool speaker comes equipped with voice recognition software that can easily grasp both language and syntax.

Apart from playing your favorite music, this gadget is well-equipped to bring you weather reports, play your favorite radio station, tell you jokes and alongside, you can also listen to your favorite show on TV. In short, Echo can be not only your, but your entire family’s personalised digital assistant.

It’s cloud-connected too, and via Bluetooth, you can connect Echo to apps like Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn Plus. A release date is yet to be announced for Echo but once this product rolls out, it’ll be worth $199 and just $99 for the Premium members.

In all honesty, this is one truly smart speaker, WORTH THE PRICE and experience. We can hardly wait to lay our hands on it and pass our final verdict.


2. Emotiv’s EPOC


Emotiv’s EPOC is the world’s first brain-computer interface that lets you control all the devices around you with just your thoughts. This gadget is a wireless and portable headset, which is affordable, easy to set up, and works well with Win7, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS.

For most of us, this device makes no sense, but it is a boon for those who are completely immobile, as it enables them to enjoy the benefits of modern day technology.




Check out JIBO, world’s first family robot, which is a perfect addition to your family. This 11-inches tall robot is immobile, but is surprisingly animated. It can not only recognize faces, names and voices, but also play music and videos, click pictures, tell jokes and stories, surf the internet, contact family and friends… and PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING that services like Siri and Google Now can do.

You can easily connect JIBO to your WiFi network, teach it to recognize your face and voice and everything else you want him to do. You can connect JIBO to your mobile devices by downloading the JIBO smartphone app.

This device can be used by anyone – kids, teens, adults, seniors and developers. You can also expand and customize your JIBO’s skills and abilities by purchasing items from the JIBO store.


4. Sense


If you are worried about your sleeping habits, then the ‘Sense’ sleep monitor is the right device for you. This amazing device comes in two parts:

1. An Orb, that can be placed on a nightstand, desk etc.
2. Sleep Pill (a small disc), that can be placed under your pillow.

Once you set things up, the ‘Sleep Pill’ will monitor your sleeping habits like when you sleep, how you sleep and for how long you sleep. You can access all this information through the ‘Sense’ app on your smartphone and review your sleeping habits. This app will also tell you when your sleep got disturbed.

All the stored information is then compiled and tabulated into a ‘Sleep Score’, that will help you improve your sleeping habits. You can also set a Smart Alarm, which will wake you up at a time that coincides with your natural sleep cycle.

No matter how smart this product seems to be, but it in this busy schedule of ours, where we hardly get any time to sleep, and if at all we manage, it HAS TO BE a disturbed sleep session, we think this device makes no sense.


5. Vessyl


Been wondering if you have been drinking too much or too less lately? Meet Vessyl, a smart cup that TRACKS YOUR DRINKING HABIT.

This cup uses internal sensors that detect and analyze the fluids poured into it. It determines the sugar level, calorie content and the type of beverage you are drinking. In case you are drinking too much of sugar or aren’t hydrated enough, its partner app will instantly alert you. You can easily compare your old and new fluid intakes, and detect early warning signs of unhealthy activity.

You can also manually enter drinks you consume elsewhere, where you weren’t allowed to use your fancy cup. Moreover, you can sync Vessyl with a wide range of different fitness trackers, allowing you to track your drinking habits along with your dietary regime. Currently, Vessyl is available for pre-order at $99, and will be shipped in early 2015.

The product is definitely impressive, but tracking your drinking habit is still a concept hard to digest.

So here you go, five of the coolest yet strange inventions we saw in 2014. Though we are still waiting in line to lay our hands on these gadgets, one thing stands for sure… these gadgets have taken the market by storm.

Agree with us? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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