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Client Love for Us– Because They’re Fabulous.

January 13, 2015 We the Addictives

For any business or organization, success lies in building relationships with clients that go beyond one-time projects and provide value and profits to the clients on an ongoing basis.

The simple fact put straight is, you have work because you have clients. And here, at Addictive Media, our fabulous clients are no less than friends.

So, today I have a story of one such client of ours, who stepped into the office early in the morning few days back. The two ladies asked for our Bong guy (aka Account Manager), who was handling their project called KNOW VIOLENCE IN CHILDHOOD. The website was launched on 24th November 2014 in the event conducted by their organization.

Truth be told, this intimidated us a bit. Never before had a client come upfront like that, we suspected some mess with their project.

But when Dada rushed to meet them, turned out that our performance was highly appreciated by their international team members and the audience. The two ladies and the organization were quite impressed with our work, and wanted to congratulate us for the phenomenal job and encourage us to keep it up.

They brought chocolates and cookies for the entire team. Pretty obviously, the chocolates got snatched-stolen-eaten midway (that’s what the unlucky ones were made to believe). However, their warm gesture was one that brought smiles to all faces. The ladies thanked the team verbally too, for coordinating with them, understanding their exact requirement, and delivering just the very best they could hope for.


Because the chocolates didn’t reach the men, and the cookies didn’t reach the girls, a balance had to be struck somehow. So around lunch hour,  our always-in-the-mood-to-enjoy Boss suggested that lunch be ordered from outside. That way, we could all sit together and feel content for the GOOD JOB DONE. Boss’ command, there was no way we could opt out.(*wink*)


An element of surprise was a tempting Chocolate Truffle cake. We will leave out the cake’s details, because how we eat our cakes isn’t a socially acceptable method.

So that’s how it is in Addictive Media. We think NOW is the time to perform. NOW is the time to achieve. NOW is the time to celebrate. We live for NOW, and that’s what keeps us ahead.

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