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India Circus, Taking India by the Storm

January 13, 2015 Brand Tales

Young, sexy, suave, intelligent, and creative… Can there be a better package? We doubt.

So this is Krsna Mehta, the face behind India Circus. Just like his name’s spelling, his choice of career is also quite unconventional.

When half the India was pursuing Engineering or MBA, Krsna chose to put his foot down into business. And not the well-established family business, by the way, but his own.


Starting from the scratch, building block by block, he has carved a name for India Circus in mere 2 years of its formal existence. Every youngster today knows about the contemporarily designed decor items, tableware, jewellery and fashion accessories, that carry his label.

Here, in Addictive Media, we had hitched the man for a short interview, and he has answered it all quite generously. So take out your pens and notepads, and make notes of The Fame Game of India Circus. Here’s what we talked about…


Addictive Media (AM) :- There are not many businesses in India that cater to the same buyers that you target. Needless to say, yours is essentially a passion-driven venture. But how did it dawn upon you that this was the place you wanted to be at? When was the first time you can recall it struck you? How did the family and immediate friends react to it?

KRSNA MEHTA (KM) :- Growing up in the hustle and bustle of the city life and in the midst of all the symbols, vibrancy, heritage and pride of Bombay, it is very easy to fall in love with the extensive choices of art available for us.

From a very young age, I began working with textiles in my family business ‘Zeba’, absorbing the inspirations that would later inform and inspire my distinctive designs. It was something that I was always interested in and worked with from a very young age. Coming from a family with creative minds, my friends and immediate family members weren’t surprised I got in the same line of business.


AM :- How much has changed in you as a person? More patient? More restless? More responsible? Or just busier? We would love to trace your journey as a person through these years.

KM :- I think I am at times patient, at times extremely restless, responsible and extremely busy. The design industry is continuously evolving. At India Circus, we change our designs every 3 months. And once a collection has gone live, the exact same design never returns. Through these years, I have worked with many established brands like Good Earth, Godrej, Bombay Store and several other renowned lifestyle brands in India. Beyond a point, I always wanted to start my own design house.

It’s been just two years since we started India Circus, and we have grown at a stupendous pace. We have been covered by many important media houses. It is a wonderful experience to see yourself being published in so many publications. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait for the upcoming years.


AM : – In your opinion, what is that one trait that brought you where you stand today? If you could name one thing about your character without which, you believe, you could not have escalated to this height, what would it be?

KM : – I think I am extremely meticulous and I have created a unique design style which translates to the quality of work I do. Also, my ability to escalate the process has really helped me with my career.


AM :- It is highly improbable to hit your best in the very first shot. You must have made too many mistakes on this track too. But now, looking at where India Circus stands today, would you necessarily mark them as ‘mistakes’, or did you take your own lesson from them? If yes, then what is it?

KM :- I don’t think anything in life is ever a mistake. I have said this several times, it’s the process that makes it a wonderful journey. I have learnt and grown from the errors I have done previously, the learning and growing will always happen. Life is a wonderful school, you can prepare for all the possible outcomes on paper. But on the field and in reality, the dynamics and strategies are very subjective. It’s your ability to survive and overcome your hurdles that matters.


AM :- What is the Success Mantra that you want to share with our readers? Some of them might imbibe it in their lives and scale higher, it will be a quote they will remember by heart.

KM :- Learn your craft the hard way, have patience and spend several hours understanding your designs and the process. If you take the easy route out, it will be very difficult for you to become the master of your own craft.


So that’s Krsna Mehta for you, with his tale of success. We hope you took your cues and are all bucked up for your lives ahead. All the very best!

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