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The Evolution of Apple Logo

January 12, 2015 Designspiration

What role Apple Inc. holds in our lives today is something that we don’t need to talk about. Just take a look around yourself, and you will spot a youth tapping his foot to a track on an iPod, or an office-goer commuting while managing half his work on an iPhone.

Since its inception in 1976, the world’s most popular electronic brand, Apple, has come a long way. From its products, its co-founder Steve Jobs’ ill health, to its logos, Apple has always hogged enough attention.

Its logo is one of the most identified logos of the world today. Let’s take a look at the Apple logo, how it found its way to become the bitten apple in monochrome that it is today.


1. The Newton Crest (1976-1976)


Designed by Ronald Wayne in the very beginning, the logo represents Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple dangling above his head. There is a border outside that features a phrase “Apple Computer Co.”

2. The Rainbow (1977-1998)


Thanks to the bizarre design of the previous logo, Steve Jobs appointed Rob Janoff to come up with something that complemented the year-old organization. What Rob finally came up with actually became the most recognizable logo in the corporate world.

According to the designer himself, the main idea behind introducing the “bite” in the logo was to prevent it from looking like a tomato. Plus it rhymes with “byte”, a term widely used in a tech firm. For Rob, the colours in the logo had no special meaning whatsoever. They were added only after Jobs suggested for he wanted to “humanize” the brand. The colourful symbol was discontinued in 1997 by Jobs after he returned to Apple. But the overall shape has remained the same since 1977.

3. The Monochrome logo (1998–Present)


When Steve Jobs made a comeback in 1997, the firm wasn’t minting a lot of money, which is why the founders decided to give the logo one more makeover. The rainbow apple was replaced by monochrome apple everywhere, and the branding got a whole new face.

This logo aptly reflected the sleeker and more stylish gadgets being churned out by Apple. Naturally, the new logo clicked with the audience and Apple sales subsequently increased.

It’s said that an Apple changed the world in the hands of 3 men─ Adam, Newton, and Steve Jobs.

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