Work with us @ your own risk,

we are Addictive

Come to us if you are dripping with talent and craving for opportunity. Creative, Techie, backend - all are welcome (just don't bring your dogs along).


Wait, don't apply right now!

First read these pointers, they are not guidelines, they are your lifelines:

Resumes, not autobiographies:

Nobody here is fond of reading and neither do we have the time. So keep your application short and simple. We will (pretend to) hear about your school tournaments and debate competitions when we meet up. Let your resume be all about business. Tell us what you do and how well you do it. Remember, first impression leads to the second and the third and … if you get lucky, an interview.

Don't assault our sensibilities:

Listen up, everyone – we love creativity and encourage it, but not when it comes in the form of candy pink resumes decorated with glitter or lipstick marks. Please don't try to 'stand out'; outstanding is just fine with us. Also avoid taking print outs of your resume while eating burgers; we can't stand sloppiness (and smell of burgers when on a diet).

We are not your mothers

so double-check your resumes for howlers like these

  • Objective: "I want to play a major part in watching company advance."
  • Qualifications: "Twin sister has an accounting degree."
  • Work experience: "I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse."
  • Job Duties: "Answer phones, file papers, respond to customer e-mails, take odors."
  • Reason for leaving last job: "Maturity leave"
  • Salary requirements: "As much as you can afford"
  • Achievements: "National record for eating 45 eggs in two minutes."
  • Skills: "Work ethic, attention to detail, team player, self motivated, attention to detail"
  • Hobbies: "Enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians"
  • References: "Bill, Tom, Eric. But I don't know their phone numbers."
Understood? Ok, now apply!
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