Creative by Default. Quirky By Choice

Hot like Delhi summers; tempting like Delhi's food; and, of course, creative, like Delhi's language – that's the Addictive Media team. Love us, hate us … but ignore us? Nah, no chance!

Addictive Media is like a typical Indian joint family: Always growing, constantly squabbling, and hopelessly chaotic. But, in the end, we all pull through … and deliver some amazing results!

Speaking our Mind…

Change the world, Redefine technology,

kill every bad designer on the planet. Nah! But, then again, maybe…


At Addictive, we are really humble souls. We want nothing more than your happiness when a project is delivered according to expectations and on time … along with a huge party with an unlimited supply of booze and snacks (all at your expense!)

Our motto is the poster in our boss's office that reads 'I am not a WizKid, I am the WizDad'

Addictive Media Quick Facts

Established: Year 2008

  • iPhones 6
    and growing
  • Mac to PC Ratio
    14 to 5

    and gob of servers

  • iPads 2 and constantly
    fought over
  • Staff 30
    and counting
  • Average height
    5 feet 10 inch
  • Combined weight
    2,092 pounds

    we literally have
    tons of talent

Location: Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of GK-III, New Delhi, India

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